I'm 30

Wholly shit I was 21 years old last time I posted on LJ...

What a long, strange trip it's been.

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ok here's a great friggin' idea

livejournal you suck i quit

and whomever said get over myself

go fuck yourself

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Michael Jackson = Not Guilty (GOOD FOR HIM :)

He's the king of pop, and most people will take whatever misconceptions the media draws and run with them. Just because he's weird, I won't deny he's an odd guy, I don't know that he's innocent but I don't know that he's guilty either... And would you let your kid hang out with a 40+ year old guy anyway? psh

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This is our biggest fear
The only tunes that we hear
Come via antenna through your car raid-ee-uh-oh-oh-no

That said, we've had enough
Please turn that fucking radio off

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i hate when i'm reading and i get to the end of a paragraph and then i realize my brain did not process that entire paragraph... so i have to re-read it.

am i the only one this happens to, reply if it happens to you so i know i'm not stupid

+ i'm sick and have had either sinus headache or a wicked stomach ache from my allergies i did manage to run 2 miles tonight, but my legs started dragging after the 1st and getting fatigued but i still feel crappy right now

back to reading // <3 Palahniuk

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friends, relations...

i've lived a full life, in fact, it's been pretty bitchin'. But now, regretably my life has been taken, please bury me with all my stuff (because you know it's mine).


i had to update somehow, and you all suck

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Go check out Uptown Stomp & All Time Low

spread the word bitches!

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I hate when people post their schedule's of everything they have done in the past week in checklist format or everything they plan on doing in the next week in a checklist, some dumb shit like that.. Honestly no one cares about you so get over it..